Home Ventilation In An Older House

hg8Home Ventilation For A Renovated House

According to NASA, human related activities such as chemical plants have contributed greatly to the number of greenhouse gases which have in turn caused an alarming warming trend leaving serious side effects in its wake. It’s little wonder then that one of the factors that most people look for when shopping for a house is a properly working ventilation system. But what about if you are moving to an old home that is not fitted with a modern ventilation system? The likely solution would be to install one. If you choose to go the DIY route, you may want to have a few tips in mind.

How Home Ventilation Works

In the same manner in which we need clean air to breathe, so does a house need it to stay fresh. It is important that the air that is expelled by the house’s inhabitants is replaced with fresh air. In some cases, simply opening some windows is enough to let in clean air. However, if you have installed a home heating or cooling system, then allowing in air through the windows or doors may affect its functionality.

A home ventilation system works by expelling used air and introducing clean air from the outside into the house. This works because expelled and used air is lighter and floats to the top, while cold fresh air is denser and flows to the bottom; a ventilation system facilities this flow of air.

Tips On Home Ventilation In An Older House

Below are tips on how you should go about ventilating an older home.

1. Assess how the former owner maintained the home. If the house seems to be in a general state of neglect, you may need to replace the whole system. However, if the previous owner did a fairly good job of maintaining the system, then you may need to replace only a few parts of it.

2. Do not depend on a home inspector to determine the state of your ventilation system. This is because although he/she may be trained to look at a house in general, only a ventilation system specialist will be able to truly determine whether or not a system is good enough to function.

3. If the house you are living in is approaching the 10 year benchmark, then you may want to set aside money in order to have your ventilation system replaced.

Advantages Of Having A Well Ventilated System

Once you repair an old or buy a new ventilation system, there are a number of advantages you will enjoy.

1. Regulate your air. A good ventilation system will know when to bring in fresh air, as opposed to bringing in fresh air all the time which can lead to high energy bills.

2. Without proper air circulation bacteria, damp air, pollutants and allergens will buildup which in turn will cause the air inside your home to become more polluted than the air outside.

Understanding the Six Different Types of Siding

hg11When planning a home construction project, one of the decisions that you will need to make is the type of siding to use. This part of the home’s exterior has a direct impact on the effectiveness of water damage protection as well as the value of your home.

Here is a brief description of the various materials that are used to make it.


Companies that specialize in making house building materials started using vinyl in the late 1960s. Its durability, versatility, and easy maintenance led to more companies opting to use it instead of the conventional materials. One of the highlights is that it is available in different colors and patterns to suit both contemporary and modern architectural designs. Some of the most popular designs are fish scales, scallops, shingles, and vertical panels.


The best wood siding is made from pure hardwood such as red oak, beech, hickory, soft maple, and sycamore. Advancement in technology has also led to new machines that use softwoods such as redwood and cedar. The downside of using softwood is that it requires intensive maintenance and is prone to damage when exposed to extreme temperature and moisture conditions for extended periods.


Aluminum has been overtaken by most modern materials. However, one of its benefits is that it requires little maintenance, has fireproofing capabilities, and is available in a wide array of colors and styles. Though it can fade and dent, it will not crack or rot like the siding made from wooden material.

Fiber Cement

This variety is made from a special mixture of cellulose fiber, cement, and sand. Pressurized steam is used to increase its dimensional stability and strength. The fiber helps to reinforce the mixture, thereby preventing cracking. In addition, it can have an embossed, smooth finish or a wood-grained texture to complement your home design.


This is one of the most innovative and durable alternatives to all other materials highlighted above. It gives homes a unique and elegant appearance. It is good to note that it is available in different colors and lengths. More importantly, it requires little maintenance.


This variety is an ideal choice for homes that have a Spanish architectural design. It can be coarse, raked, swirled, or smooth as it is made using materials such as lime, pebbles, and sand. Some of its characteristics include fire resistance, low maintenance, and a high energy efficiency degree. The material has the ability to contract and expand depending on the outdoor weather conditions, which reduces cracking.

Learning Fun at Playgrounds

hg6Since the warm months are here many families visit playgrounds as a fun outdoor activity. While playgrounds are an excellent place to let kids run around and be kids, they can also learn something here. It never hurts to combine physical and mental learning while at playgrounds.

Here’s what kids can learn at Playgrounds broken down by age since different ages have different capabilities.

One Year Olds:

*Moms of one year olds who are walking know that all they want to do at this age is show off their new found ability. Go with it! Actually, run with it. Let them walk or run in wide open areas.

*Baby swings – if your park has a baby swing, this is the perfect age to buckle your child in and let them experience the wind on their face.

*Wildlife – at this age it’s still about narrating what you are doing. If you see any wildlife, name it for your child. Talk to them about that animal.

Twos and Threes:

*Children in this age group are still all about running around so let them burn off as much energy as possible by running and jumping.

*This age will enjoy swings too but may or may not fit in the “baby swing” depending on its size. Sing songs while you swing or imagine you are pumping your legs to reach a destination. Three year olds have great imaginations so encourage it while swinging.

*This age group will love to run and hide from you. Make a game of it. Or pretend you’re in a castle with hidden doors and rooms.

*If you spot any wildlife (birds, bunnies, squirrels etc) have your kids identify the type of animal and make the coordinating noise if there is one.

Fours and Fives:

*This age group has mastered gross motor skills so now they can easily move on to higher slides, “fire fighter” poles, hand-over-hand ladders etc. Look for a park with more activities to keep this age group occupied.

*Parks with creeks will also interest this age group. There is so much to explore in creeks from different types of plants to squishy animals.

*Challenge this age group in a large open space by skipping, hopping on one foot etc.

Six and Beyond:

*As with the last age group, look for a park, perhaps a city park, with more equipment and activities. This group is very agile and sure of themselves. You’ll probably hear lots of “Look, Mom!” as they boast of their new skill.

*Parks with creeks are also good for this age. Now you can take it to the next level in learning and apply science to what you see along the creek.

*Bring a ball – many older kids are involved in sports. Now’s the time to bring the soccer ball and kick it around for pure fun. Or if the park has a basketball goal, shoot some hoops.

Flowers Perfect For Mother In Laws With Colorful Characters

hg5A tale as old as time is not just Belle and the Beast’s fairy tale love, it is also the tension between you and the mother-in-law. You may find nothing in common with her except for the love of your lives, your significant other, who also happens to be her son. Regardless of how much you love her son, it will never be enough for her.

She does not hate you (that much), but she wants the best for her baby boy. This you can prove to her every day. But, why don’t you give her blooms that will soften her heart to show that you also care for her?

Sunflower for the Business Tigress

When your mother-in-law is a fierce businesswoman, it is only right to give her flowers for good luck. The sunflower will be perfect for her. In the Chinese culture, it symbolizes good fortune and encouragement. Your husband’s mother is not only a mum. She is a woman with a thriving career. Whether it be a potted sunflower or a bouquet of them, this is a well-meaning gesture of wishing her luck in her business.

Columbine for the Free Spirited

Its Latin root name columba means dove and the original Latin name, Aquilegia signifies an eagle. A mother-in-law who resembles the free-spirited nature of these high flying birds deserves to be given columbines. This is to show her show that you support her eccentric character. Who wouldn’t be touched by such sweet gesture?

Gladiolus for the Brave

All mums are brave for overcoming the challenges of raising a good son, let alone a beautiful family. You can always show your gratitude to her with gladiolus for bringing your soul mate into this world because these blossoms symbolizes character strength. This helps you earn brownie points even if it’s not Mother’s Day.

Calla Lily for the Disciplinarian

You often sneak out for dates because his mother is so strict about her son going out. Now that you tied the knot, she still imparts her punitive values (sometimes). To mellow her down, surprise the mother-in-law with beautiful blue and lavender calla lilies that represent grace and refinement.

Hyacinth for the Sporty

If you can’t keep up with the fit lifestyle of your partner’s mother, congratulate her on her latest sport conquest with a bouquet of hyacinths. It comes from the Greek god Hyakinthos, who inspired the Olympic sport, discus. She will not only take pleasure in smelling the fragrant blooms, she will also appreciate the well-thought of gift.