5 Chores That Your Mom Still Does for You

hg16Needless to say, some of you already have an infinite list of chores in your minds that call for a big Thank You to your mother, for being the all-rounder that she is. Mothers are a blessing, especially if you are a lazy child who has been mollycoddled since day one and the heavy reliance has won you the award of the biggest procrastinator. While there is most of the giving from her side, the taking part is virtually very less. While growing up expects you to be responsible and reduce a certain amount of burden off her shoulders, pay attention as I list out a certain chores that need to get out of her doing. Or a much better option, have someone else to do it for you.


Pulling off all nighters just to watch that addictive TV series resulting to no or little sleep followed by a frantic wakeup call everyday might be your excuse of leaving your bed messy, but this definitely needs to be taken into thought. She is your mother, not your maid. And it’s high time that you stop treating her like one.


Getting yelled by her because of wearing that old tee repeatedly for days, our moms become our personal stylists and shop for us because we’d rather prefer lazing around in those pyjamas than go buy new clothes.


Witnessing youngsters changing clothes more than twice a day and then dumping them into dirty laundry is a usual scenario. We are not even slightly aware of the increased workload, because of ‘Hey, it’ll be all fresh and scented naturally’ attitude. Also, there are various online applications providing you with laundry services at reasonable prices, just in case you want to take the credit for washing your own clothes.


Youngsters in present day have the most bizarre eating schedules and someone who suffers from this the most are the moms. So, the next time when you wake up to those stainless dishes all set to use, take out a moment to be grateful to her.

5. We all know THE CHAIR!

100% agreeable, we have that chair where we stack up all our dirty clothes and the pile just keeps on getting bigger every day, when to your surprise comes a day when it’s empty and it’s a tidy day with everything folded up in the cupboard. Rushing to her when you can’t locate something is like a ritual for all of us.

That’s not enough, I can list out a countless chores that she needs to stop performing to put you out of that comforting pampering zone. It may seem bothersome to do chores in between your so-called-busy schedules but technology has now reached its peak where a lot of applications are designed to help you in every way to run from these chores.

Investing In Utilities For Your House

hg14As a homeowner, you have the task of making sure your house is outfitted with the utilities and fixtures it needs to function well. Even so, you may not have a lot of money to put toward this obligation. When you want to make sure your family has the utilities they need to do laundry, shower, cook, and other basic functions, you might investigate your options for tanks that can be installed immediately outside your home. You could find a model that suits your purposes and also fits your budget when you do your research online.

Checking Out Sizes

The size of the tanks that you consider may reflect the number of people who live in your household. If you have a lot of people living there, you might need a model that can provide gallons each day for tasks like cooking, bathing, and cleaning. Likewise, your yard may only have so much space available for this fixture’s installation.

By shopping on the Internet, you might come across models that are round, oval, and square. You could choose a size that will fit in the yard without it taking up too much space. These fixtures also come in an assortment of colors if that element is critical to your decision.

Along with determining the capacity that yours can hold, you may examine the height and width of your choice of models. Some are longer and wider than others. You might also check local regulations to determine if your own choice will be required to fit into local zoning laws for such outside additions.

Financial Aspects

You may wonder why people in your position shop on the Internet for such fixtures. As you may find when you look at the company’s website, the models for sale are listed at prices that are on par with or below those prices found in local stores. Pricing can be a consideration that convince people to investigate their choices online.

If you are operating on a tight budget for these tanks, you might not have a lot of money to put toward one that must be dug into the dirt and rock. You may lack the money for excavating the property for its installation. This option may fit better within the budget and constraints that you are experiencing for this necessity for your home.

Installation for one of these tanks typically takes less time and money. People who choose one for their homes may be able to get back on with their lives sooner and have more cash in their budgets left over for other necessities. You are invited to explore the models and price listings online before you buy one for your family.

Staircase Enhancements And New Features

hg15Staircases are a central point for any two-story home or business. In fact, they serve as access routes to and from the upstairs rooms. With this in mind, there are some property owners that choose to enhance or even replace the structures that offer support to railings. These are known as balustrade, which are repeating posts that offer both support and design to upper railings.

According to home improvement agencies, there are some clients that prefer innovative and cutting-edge support columns. Most of these are made of the finest wood, stone, or even metal. However, these additions tend to be pricey in nature and should always be researched before installation.

Several home and business owners have also stayed with their current support columns. These are the components that were installed when the brick and mortal establishments were built. Keep in mind that when a builder in designing a home, he or she will try to effectively match each component across the board. This establishes uniformity and consistency in design, while showcasing the allure and essence of the decor at hand.

If you are one of countless customers that want something different, there are plenty of options available. As suggested by interior designers, customers should visit local stair railing and home improvement shops. This is simply the best way to review these columns, posts, and even banisters in person. They can also discuss their goals with flooring and stairway design experts and customer service personnel.

If pressed for time, checking the Web is a great way to access a range of ideas. From traditional wood and washed stone to metallic designs, there are several ideas available to enhance the look of your staircase. Home or business owners, however, should discuss their goals with interior designers before agreeing on any component or brand. This is an informed way to ensure your investment meets budgeting and other personal needs.

Comparing brands and accessories is also advised when revamping stairways. While it is not too hard to remove existing columns, replacements have to be sized accordingly. For example: a smaller stairway will require smaller and possibly custom fitted columns. The same can also be said for larger units, however, they are already designed to facilitate any new additions or components.

Business owners also need to take into account security and safety. Just like escalators in buildings, balustrade additions must meet all building requirements and safety codes. To prevent future security audits, it is recommended to speak to the builders about adding on new or stylish components. They will work with you to determine which components or accessories best meet your needs, while falling into the acceptable safety categories.

Would You Do Small House Living in Any of These Tiny Houses or Houseboats

hg13So far, for small house living, we have looked at pre-fab buildings that can be used as tiny houses, recreational vehicles, small apartments, park models and houseboats, however, still pending to see shipping containers. The process takes time, since many places must be visited in person or online in order to get a reality feel of the interiors and updated information for what we really need and want.

Many have very similar interiors, however, it would be a good time to take the next step depending on what kind of circumstances drive you towards making the final decision. The narrow tiny houses and the RVs are very similar in interior layout designs. On the other hand, small apartments and Park Models are wider, offering similar layouts between them. What about doing small house living in houseboats? Have you entertained the thought of looking into houseboats and the pros and cons for them?

All layouts depend on the square footage, the more space, the more conveniently comfortable. Yet, the range of pricing is also very similar. Online websites offer a lot of information regarding pricing and square footage in order to do a comparison for what you’re considering.

Therefore, take the time to look at every single option having the budget in mind. We are still pending to look more information regarding shipping containers. However, think that this would be the last of options for us as it involves finding a land or lot that holds the weight of a container.

As for houseboats, what a temptation for this option. Go online and do some research and you will find another kind of tiny house inside, but with the advantage of enjoying a waterfront view, decks, and many places where you can relocate your houseboat to due to the numerous water bodies in the United States. Sounds like living in an eternal vacation. Is it dangerous when the weather is bad? And what about insurance cost for a houseboat?

Given that the money is available and you get to do whatever you want, what would you really like to do? Just think about it. Someone once said “if you haven’t done everything you wanted to do before the age of 50, then do it.” I myself would like mainly two options for my small house living. A tiny log cabin or a houseboat, either with at least 300 – 400 square feet. Why the square footage? Well, we’ve been inside less and if you are in that small interior 24/7, then it would seem to claustrophobic for me and on the other hand, larger would then fall into a small apartment and not a tiny house.