Chores You Should Ask A Man To Do For A Change

hg12Many women would worship their better halves if they offer to help them out around the house, but getting men to do household chores continues to remain a dream of many. Important observation; wives spend more time on housework even if both the partners are working where we know for a fact that women were taught how to do household chores by their mothers since forever, and men, raised by those same mothers slack off all they want and don’t even bother to contribute. Let me ask you, how many home cleaning product commercials show men doing the cleaning? You can’t recall because there are none.

Keep reading as I list out some tasks that a woman should ask her man to do for a change.

· Try to get him to do the dishes once in a while to set an example for the daughters of the house because seeing their dad being an idle jerk who lets mom do all the work makes them think that they are bound for the same daily grinding.

· Men should do half of the household work, because when it comes to laundry or cleaning, hardly any of them participate. Given the facts on how unequal the breakdown is, it strikes as really odd because fair is fair! And please, spare me with the lines about how women prefer a cleaner house or are better at ironing than men, come on, enough of that sexist nonsense.

· Ask him to do ‘man chores’ because it’s much easier to motivate someone to do what they like. So, if your husband likes cooking more than cleaning up, ask him if he would like to cook more meals during the week. While it may seem unjust that he gets to choose to do what he likes but consider that it’s better than the alternative – doing everything yourself!

Taking care of the kids: Chores are meant to be shared. So if you are busy in the kitchen and your children are making a ruckus, take them and soothe them. If he still continues to surf those sports channels that comes along with a shout, you two have a lot things to discuss about.