Family Reunions the Easy Way

hg18First, think about what you need for a fun, successful family reunion! And then find all the places that you have all those things. And last but not least, find a way to do that all, the easy way.

Years ago, the family reunions, usually, were held at one home and usually it was one person who had the responsibility and the work of the whole reunion. In this article, I offer ways that the work and the planning can be shared amongst a few or many of the family members.

First, consider whether there are young children or babies, and make sure that there are activities or places where these babies and children can fit in and enjoy themselves. Then consider the age and the experiences and health of the other family members. Make note of how people will arrive at the appointed place and make note of who will go with whom, etc.

Once you have all your research done, the last thing to do is to develop the list. And quite possibly, set up a ’round robin’ to cover all bases. The round robin is when one person calls a person on the invite list and then that other person calls another person. This way one person doesn’t have to make all the phone calls. Ask people to respond in writing or by email.

If you are really adventurous or creative, you can set up a free, private website for the family reunion. Name it “family reunion”, and put it on private with a code for everyone who will join in.

For example, if you set up a website at WordPress or at open diary or some other blog site, you can give the code to all the older family members and have them respond right there to the website. All responses will be private and only family members will see the responses. Having all this invite information handy in one spot simplifies things. Or you can just do a group email. However, if you do a group email have the main person, or the one who is planning the whole event, have a brand new separate email account–separate from their regular email account. Everything related to the family reunion goes right there and doesn’t get confused with any of your regular email addresses. This is to ensure that nobody is invited (like strangers etc) who is not supposed to be invited.

Now, of course, no invites are sent out until the place is chosen, and the date and the time, etc.

Now, for ideas, for places, think about this. What about having a family reunion at a festival or at a fair, a local one. Or perhaps having it at a very large state fair or country fair? If you do that, all the minor and almost all the major details of the family reunion are settled (through the fair). So, participants will get to the fair alone, and they can give carpools to those who have no cars. And the food is already handled—at the fair. Since most fairs have an abundance of food, all you have to do is find a central meeting place to enjoy your meals together. Someone can bring the family reunion cake or cupcakes to the fair, in their own car. And if everyone wants it, you can even arrange ahead of time to get t-shirts for all family members. The t-shirts will say’ “SO AND SO FAMILY REUNION”!. Be sure to order extras for those who can not attend the reunion; they might just want a t-shirt. They can wear it to the next reunion!

If you are going to a fair that has more than one day, be sure to put it in the invite the date that the family will be attending the fair.

Now, if the fair is too big an idea for you, you can probably rent out an area in any state park that is near you. One year we rented a building at the Belmont Lake State park. And the building had electricity, tables and a sink. You had the choice to rent the building or just the open air pavilion but we rented the building just in case I t would rain. And outside the building there were more and more picnic tables for our lunches. And yes, there were BBQ tables also. The park was awesome, complete with tables, green grass trees, a beautiful lake with swan boats! Your local park probably has similar things for your family reunion.